Title Principal Investigator Fund Source Budget  year    year
Laboratory scale Tag DNA polymerase production and purification for non-commercial use in the laboratories of life sciences Mr Endalkachew Bezualem UoG 2011 E.C.
Small Scale Aquaponics Technology for Sustainable Food Production and Income Generation in Central Gondar zone, Ethiopia Mr. Alebachew Guadie UoG 2011E.C.
Mobile Application of rules of the games for Modern and Ethiopian cultural sports Mr. Danail Agegnehu UoG 2012 E.C.
Adoption of Sericulture farming system of Silkworm Rearing for Silk Production (Bombyx mori and Philosamia ricini: Lipedoptera) in Gondar regions, Ethiopia. Mr. Abiyu Enyew UoG 2012 E.C.