Name Rank Specialization
Dr. Mesay Desalegn Assis.Prof. Massage & therapeutic
Dr. Alemayehu Belay Assis.Prof. Exercise physiology
Daniel Agegnehu Assis.Prof. Athletics coaching
Ali Wale Assis.Prof. Athletics coaching
Temesgen Haile Assis.Prof. Handball coaching
Addisalem Miheret Lecturer Football coaching 
Haileyesus Bayachew Lecturer Football coaching 
Mequanint Shikabaw Assis.Prof. Coaching and therapy
Jebril Bitew Lecturer Teaching Physical Education & sports 
Abiyot Kassaw Assis.Prof. Teaching Physical Education & sports 
Temesgen Ayalneh Assis.Prof. Coaching and therapy
Addisie Genet Lecturer Sport medicine
Habtamu Worku Lecturer Volleyball Coaching
Yohannes Andargachew GA I Sport science
Yidnekachew Zewdneh Lecturer,  PhD scholar Sport science
Mohammed Endris Lecturer,  PhD scholar Basketball coaching
Ephrem Tamrat Lecturer, PhD scholar Teaching Physical Education
Meseret Kassa Lecturer,  PhD scholar Handball Coaching
Fesseha Agegnehu Lecturer,  PhD scholar Football Coaching
Gebrie Admasu Lecturer, PhD scholar Teaching Physical Education