The structure of College of Natural and Computational Sciences contained Dean and Vice Dean Offices under which nine Coordinating Offices and seven departments are functioning actively. The coordinating Offices are Quality Assurance and Audit, Postgraduate, Continuing Education, Registrar, Gender and HIV/AIDS, Research and Publication, Technology Transfer, Nanotechnology and Community Service Offices.

The seven Departments are Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Sport Science and Statistics Department.

Dr. Getinet Masresha (Asso.  Prof.)

Dean, College of Natural and Computational Sciences, University of Gondar

Phone No:  251 918782159


  • Dr. Worku Negash  (Asso. Prof.)

Vice Dean, College of Natural and Computational Sciences, university of Gondar

Phone No:  251 918770510


Dr. Solomon Tesfaye (Ass. Prof.)

Head, Biology Department

Phone No:  251 913413375


Dr. Dessie Tibebe (Assi. Prof.)

Head, Chemistry Department

Phone No:  251 918703110 Email:

Wuletaw Mulualem (Lecturer)

Head, Geology Department

Phone No:  251 918316603

Yonas Minale

Head, Physics Department

Phone No:  251 918711311


Temesgen Haile (Assi. Prof.)

Head, Sport Science Department

Phone No:  251 913893610


Yohannes Tadesse

Head, Statstics Department

Phone No:  251 918808602


Tigist Embiale (Assi. Prof.)

Head, Mathematics Department

Phone No:  251 918777110


Tigist Jegnaw Dr. Walelign Wubet

   Coordinator, Community Service

    Phone No:   251-939-706-080