In Ethiopia during the past three and half decades, physical education and sport has increasingly become an academic discipline. In the past Physical education and sport was closely allied to the larger area of education, of which its attention has focused in the development of students in different schools.

Today the attention given for the role of physical exercises and sports which has now become part of activities in schools, colleges and universities, organizational settings, sport and health clubs has been increasing than ever before. The demand of the society in the area of physical activities for maintaining and developing total health and well-being will force professional in the area to revise the past approaches.

Sport Science program under qualified leadership aids in the enrichment of an individual’s life. It aims at building a sound body, a sharp mind and a whole-some personality. It is essential for the cultivation of vitality, obedience, discipline, and positive attitude towards life and the world.

The desire to prepare skilled and qualified sport professional is increasingly felt in the country today Programs.

Sport science department is one of the best twelve departments which are found under the college of Natural and Computational Science. Sport science department is one of them it was established in 2000 E.C. science then, it has provided very significant contributions both to the University of Gondar and Amhara national state through providing research and community services, giving its prominence emphasis to the teaching and learning process.

The department of sport science trains students in BSc degree in sport science in a regular program, extension and summer in service program and Post Graduate program in MSc in Volleyball Coaching.


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