Department of Biology is one of the pioneer and strong departments of Collage of Natural and Computational Sciences. The department started its teaching and learning process when Gondar Collage of Medicine and Health Sciences promoted to University Collage in 2003. . The department of Biology has 4 PhD Programs (Applied Microbiology, Botanical sciences, Entomology and Genetics) and three M.Sc. programs (Applied Microbiology, Botanical sciences and Ecological Zoology). Besides this the department plans to open three M.Sc. programs (Applied Entomology, Genetics and Molecular Biology and Fisheries and Aquatic sciences) in the near future. The department possesses relatively high staff profile and well organized laboratory structure. The department has well organized laboratories in Microbiology, Genetics, Botany and Zoological sciences and Entomology served for undergraduate and post graduate students. In addition, the department has well organized molecular laboratory for post graduate programs. In addition to the regular program, the department is successful in running a continuing (summer) education program.

The Department has four laboratories for undergraduate programs. These are Botany lobotary, Genetics laboratory, Microbiology laboratory and Zoology Laboratory. Postgraduate program laboratories are going start in the near future.